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Sharon Margolies was born in Illinois. Raised by parents who were both artists, she was acquainted with many different art mediums at an early age. She studied art at Illinois State University, The University of Illinois, and the American Academy of Art in Chicago. However in 1984 she chose a different career path and two years later she earned her certificate in Dental Hygiene from the University of Texas.

When she is not working part-time as a dental hygienist she devotes her time to painting and calligraphy. Although she has worked with several mediums, watercolor and oil are her mediums of choice. Most recently she has enjoyed participating in the many lettering and painting challenges on Instagram. This has been a wonderful way to share and learn from others with similar interests. 

Sharon resides in Cumming, GA with her husband and two children.



Whether it is a completed painting or calligraphic work of art, if it causes the viewer to pause and look a little longer I feel I have achieved my goal. It may be the composition, the use of color, the contrast of light and dark, or simply the subject matter itself that catches someone's eye. Whatever it is that makes the viewer want more than just to glance at my painting that is the response I am after.